Ireland 2011 - 3rd Day in Dublin - Guiness Storehouse

This morning started out with a bit of rain but it freshened up things and made the Birdies very happy!!

I decided today that I would take a cab/taxi to my tour pick up spot but because I wasnt to sure where that was. The city streets are very strange here and the signage for the streets, are some what none existent. So if you dont know where you are going, you can get rather lost rather fast. But I think I have gotten some of it figured out :) The cab/taxi ride was rather interesting as well, driver was awesome very talkitive and explained alot and some of it I even understood. He explained that to get anywhere you basically good in a big circle and that you cant really get out of the circle until you get to where you are going, its a left circle and you can't seem to right turn out of it. LoL Well, I think that was basically what he was saying.

Part of the Tour took place at the Guiness Storehouse:

Its a great museum located inside the old part of the Guiness factory. Also known as the St. Jame's Gate Brewery. St. James is the name of the church that is located at the front of the brewery, which I think still has some sort of significates?? LoL

"Since 1759, Guiness has been produced here at the St. James Gate Brewery. The brewery occupies 60 acres of land in Dublin's South Side. Each day 3 million pints of the black stuff are produced here for the Irish, UK, European and US markets.

A Guiness Fermentation Plant from 1904 to 1988 is now the 7 storey visitor experience dedicated to the history and making of this world famous beer."

About halfway through the brewery tour, you were able to have a sample of the Guiness. I walked through this section with full intentions of not tasting and then I thought to myself that if I have come this far I should at least taste, right. And well .... ??? :)

It was quite a good experience and learned at more about beer than I knew before. The architecture of the brewery as well as the surrounding buildings were awesome. Arthur Guiness and his son, had georgian style homes built for the men and their families, who worked for the brewery.

After the tour, I went to the National Museum of Ireland and wandered through it. I found the exhibition on Kingship and Sacrifice very interesting. I didn't take any photos of this exhibit out of respect.

"The exhibition also highlights a theory based on the observation that the bog bodies were placed on significant bounderies linking them with sovereignty and kingship rituals during the Iron Age."

On the back from the Museum, I found a little convenience shop that sold Timmies coffee ... Would You Believe!!! It wasnt the greats but it smelled like Timmies and sort of tasted like Timmies ... but it still doesn't go great with steamed milk hahah

And Last supper was "Fresh Cod & Chips" which as wonderful!!!

And thats it in a nutshell :)