Ireland 2011 - First Day in Dublin

Well, the first day in Dublin was really good.  I arrived about 130pm at my hotel and got settled in.  Flights and connections were all good and had no trouble finding my way to the bus or to the hotel as I was quite happy about that.
I did go out and do a little shooting but about a block away from my hotel, the batteries in my camera died!!!  So I didnt get as many photos as I was hoping for!!  LoL :) 
Across the way, is a church and it is beautiful and old!!  The Christchurch Cathedral was established in 1030, I dont know if the building is that old but I will see what I can find out tomorrow.

The traffic here is bizzare to say the lest .... I gotta remember to look Right not Left!!!  And there are cars coming from every direction. 

Here are some images that I took today will add as I got along.  Just a few images because of lack of brains and forgot to charge the batteries, LoL  Hey I remember all the other stuff :)

Well, it is bedtime here!!
Good Night All