Exploring London - May 15th

London is a big place, but there is lots of history here and that just blows my mind!! Did one of the hop on - hop off tours which includes a boat cruise down the Thames River. Got on at Westminister Abbey and cruise east, I believe, towards Greenwich. Well, that was a fascinating trip. Alot of that old warehouses have now been turned in a million pounds or more apartments. Makes me wonder if the people living there know what all use to be shipped in and out there. :). Enquiring minds want to know lol :)

I did get off and wonder just a tiny bit around the buildings there but didn't stay for long because it was a late in the day already and didn't want to miss the boat heading.

Did go under London bridge and it didn't fall down. Also drove over it on the tour bus :). Very pretty and has a great and humorous history .. I guess when it was first open ... Big ceremony and Queen Victoria pushed the button to lift the bridge, it didn't work lol. :)

I walked down the Mall ... Which was closed to motor traffic so you could walk down the middle of the road. So I did get a few photos there as well as Buckingham palace and the big statue in front, which at this time I can't remember the name of??!!

One of the hi-lights was to go into Westminister Abbey to listen to an Organ Recital. Now, the music was not my cup of tea but to sit in there and listen to the organ being play was an awesome experience. However, no photos!!! :(. Which I kinda figured but was hoping that in could. It is a beautiful church and the architecture is amazing. What you see on tv does not do it justice, it would be something you have to see for yourself.

Well, that was very much my day. I hang out with a couple that was on my Ireland tour. They were wonderful and really made for a great day, Thank you Larry & Sharon :)

So one last little tidbit, I rode in a London Cab .. Those funny little cars!!! It was a hoot, and the driver was great so nice we chitchatted all the way back to the hotel :)