Ireland 2011 - 4rd Day in Dublin ... Well, Sort Of ... ??

Today, I took a day tour out to Wicklow National Park .. very pretty and worth well seeing. First stop along the way was a place called Sallygap, its a beautiful look out over a valley with a glacier lake. The water of this lake appears to be black however, it is actually suppose to be quite clear :)

And then it was off down this tiny winy little road!! Just barely big enough for the bus that I was in. The bus would actually have to pull over some enough to let you other cars go by. It was an interesting and sometimes heart stopping trip!!

The next part of the tour was to a place called Glendalough: The Round Tower and Saint Kevin's Church, Glendalough are set in one of County Wicklow's most beautiful glens. The area is rich in history and dates back to the 6th Century when the hermit, Sait Kevin, founded his monastery here.

I was quite thrilled when I realized it was a cemetery ... yes, yes ... I am weird you must get use to that!!! And it was very old, many old and weathered stones to look at, I wished I had a little more time to look around.

From this point, you walk part way up the valley to where there is a bit of a lake. The walk was awesome, it was a beautiful day to walk, take photos and listen to the birds.

Then it was off to have lunch at Fitzgeralds in Avoca, Co. Wicklow.

Look up a show called Ballykissangel, it is suppose to take place in this village and mostly in the pub. And then off to Avoca Store and Mill Tour. Which was rather interesting as well. Watch a little bit of weaving done.
The World's Oldest Weaving Mill's Established in 1723.