Ireland 2011 - In Cohb

Last night we all stayed in the Granville hotel at Waterford, Ireland. Waterford is the oldest city and once was a Viking settlement. It has a fantastic and interesting history. We had a short guided historical walk done by a man named Jack and he was and awesome story teller.

Then it was off to Kiss the Barney Stone. And I did do it!!! To say the lest it was and interesting climb of about 150 steps. Make that skinny wet stone spiral staircase!!! It was 20 euros to go in but it was worth it. Your climb to the top and your hang upside down over the edge of the castle and kiss the stone!!! Two very nice gentlemen hang on to you haha. It was interesting!!!

So then it was off to Cohb to drop off our suitcases and down to Queenstown. This is harbor were the Irish navy is located and and the second last place from which the Titanic sailed from. The Titanic picked up passengers for steerage and also lots of mail going to North America. Also many many people also left from Queenstown during the Potato blight Famine. It was a excellent exhibit.

We had a few minutes to snoop around the main street Queenstown. Even saw where the Titanic was dock in the bay and saw a few of the monuments that celebrate the history of the area.

Today, end with an evening to yourself so a few of us went and had supper in the pub/bar and then went and got lost in the rain!!!!

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