Ireland 2011 - On the Road

Today, start by 8am, we were off to Ballyknocken Cookery School for a deminstration on how to make Sweet Scones and all I can say was "Dam they were good!!"

Then it was on to Kilkenny Castle, which is really a castle.  I have some photos from here and look forward to sharing them with you.  Unfortunately, right now there just isnt enough time.  But I promise to share once I get home or if there is a little free time later down the road :)

I did rain much for today but there isnt much you can do about it so I enjoyed it and so did all the birds. We spent the evening with a very entertaining fellow by the name of Tom Comerford at the Jack Meade Country Pub.  It was a very good evening spent and then back to the Granville Hotel in Waterford.

Well, the day didnt end until 9pm and it is bed time :)  It was a great day!!