Ireland 2011 - May 12th. - Heading to Northern Ireland

Todays adventures took us to Northern Ireland along the Antrim Coastal Scenic Drive.   There were some awesome views and very beautiful countryside all lush and green.

The tour headed into Northern Ireland, a fascinating and sad history, that I never really understood and still don't, so I think I will have to do a bit of research when I get home.  

We went on a tour of Derry or London-Derry with a gent by the name of Rowan, who was a great guide ... Fun, informative and had a great out look on life.

Now, imagine this ... This gent gets on the bus and introduces himself, thick accent, very much Irish and Chinese lol. And he makes fun of it too!!  He saids he has a Catholic Daddy and a Buddhist Mommy .. So he says that he lives in a city of Catholics, Protestants and One Buddhist.   He was a hoot!

Derry has had a hard history but fascinating ... And now seems to be very  peaceful but not without a lot of hard work to get there.  Where we went on the walking tour was where all of the Orangemen marched and much of the violence happened on the old city walls.  It was an interesting walk.

Then it was now to Bush Mills which is on the coast.  Pretty countryside town just before going now to the Giants Causeway.  Giants Causeway was a great place if the wind wasn't blowing like nuts and it wasn't raining but I did go down and got a few photos.  This was also our lunch break stop.  Now, I must explain, I have lived on fish just about the whole time, and it was wonderful. But for some reason, I ssssooooo wanted a McDonalds burger and fries, I think might have been that I passed by at least 3 of them. LoL. So, today I had a burger and it wasn't to bad ... Fries however, was a different story ... They were like chunky hash browns.  But hey live and learn lol :)

And then it was in to the Radisson Hotel in Belfast.  Did venture off a little bit here before supper, and check out the Victoria Square Mall.  This was interesting, it was sort of an indoor / outdoor mall.  It has all the shops on the exterior of the mall and the interior was open to the outside with a glass ceiling and doom.  It was really neat!!

Now, it is back to Dublin in the morning and Saturday on to London.  And it will soon be time to head home.  It was much to short and had such and awesome time, it is hard to believe it is almost done.

I look forward to sharing my images and short videos with everyone.  

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