Ireland 2011 - May 7

Well, I love holidays where I lose track of time ... I was thinking today was Friday but I informed that no it is Saturday, hahah  So I am going to be working backwards to catchup on the couple of blogs posts that I have missed.  I have also tried to work on a few of the photos that I want to share with you.

We arrived in Killarney, yesterday and stayed an extra night here and will be leaving Sunday for Limerick.Killarney, Dingle Excursion - Saturday May 7

Panoramic views on Dingle Peninsula on the way to Blasket Island Centre, where the group had lunch.  Learn about the way of life and unique literary achievements on the string of remote islands evacuated by the last inhabitants in 1953. 

Blasket Island
Dingle Peninsula
History and Heritage of Blasket Island
Blasket Islands ~ Youtube video shows alot of what the interpretive centre share, only in song.

We first stop to shop today :)  I had my first Irish Coffee, and Dam that was good!!!  At Macken of Ireland.  This place had some very nice stuff, jewerly, hats, scarfs, sweaters and shirts of all kinds.  I tried on a Ireland Heritage Bracelet in white gold (this is your first hint at how much it was) .... it was beautiful but even with the discounts and last years stock ... you were still sitting at 1198eur (not 11.98 --- 1198.00).  It was beautiful but a little bit out of my price range hahaha :) 

The story behind the bracelet is very unique and it would make a great heirloom to pass along.

Mid Morning cocktail or a warm me up!!  Ireland Coffee:  Freshly brewed Coffee, Irish Whiskey, Whipped Cream and much to much sugar ... but it was Good!! LoL

We took The Slea Head Drive that runs along the coast.  It was a drive of a life time not only where the view awesome but the road was heart stopping ... just big enough to get the bus up and down it ... and if you met a car along the way, it made from a tight squeeze!!

At the end of the drive was the Blasket Centre on the mainland in Dun Chaoin on the tip of the Dingle Peninsula is a facinating heriage centre/museum honouring the unique community who lived on the remote Blasket Islands until their evacuation in 1953.

A view away from the sea looking up the side of the hill on the mainland.  Beautiful and unreal views.

Lunch was delicious!!  Smoked Salmon Sandwich ... well, I cant eat the stuff in the can anymore!!!  And the most sinful chocolate and cookie pie.

Coumeenole Beach, near Slea Head, on the Dingle Peninsula where "Ryan's Daughter" was filmed.  This was a beautiful spot.  I wished the day's weather would have been nicer but that was the way it went.  I did get a very photos just before the batteries on little camera died. 

The evening was to yourself, which I needed.  I found a laundrette again and got some clothes washed.  It was 12euro this time but much cheaper than the hotel.

Remember this is Euros
Jackets: 8.75
Jeans: 6.70
Undies: 2.25
Nightgowns: 4.00

Nuts HuH!!  So finding a laundrette was much easier, well sort of ... had to find it first ... I was told left and left ... well I went left and left and couldnt find it ... it was hiding down a back street ... there are quite a few of those!!!