Exploring Fall Colors

I love shooting in the fall ... but here in Calgary the Fall Colors only last for a very short period of time.  So you dont have alot of time to head out and shoot.

I have over the last couple of days had taken my camera with me where ever I went, either my Canon G11 or 7D. 

At a certain time in the evening around about 7pm, the sun coming throu the trees across the street from my home is just beautiful.

And on last Friday evening, it was just about perfect.  I love how the sun also hits the tops of the yellowed leafed trees.  Makes the yellow so brillant and almost unreal against the fall blue skies.

Today, I decided to take a bit of a walk throu the Deane House Gardens, which are still in pretty good shape.  I haven't edited all of the photos from this little walk about today but below is a couple of my favorites from today.

Today, I decided I wanted to try a little HDR ... I still need alot of practise yet, mostly with the settlings in Photoshop, probably should do some reading first but I like to play first and then read some instructions on how to do such things ... do Shh!! Don't tell anyone.  But I do like the results that I ended up with today.

Oh Yes, back to Deane House Garden ... its still busy growing and while I was there one of the cooks came out and picked a few herbs, so even throu it is fall things are still growing.  So that made me feel so much better.

Still trying this thing called infrare photography ... well, actually its an infrare action that I found for Photoshop.  Not totally sure about it yet ... but this one action made a great B&W image.

Well, All in All it was a very good day.  I ended my day out by going into the big used book store in Inglewood!!  Bad Bad thing to do, but well what do you do ... now I have lots to read.

I will be sharing more fall photos over the next week or so before all of the leaves are good.