Westminister Abbey

What a beautiful old building!!!  Both inside and out, wasnt aloud to photograph inside but I took a few photos of the outside of Westminister Abbey.  The detail on this church is fantastic!!

There was people everywhere so it did make it somewhat difficult to have photos of just the building alone but the guy seemed to add some character the building. 

"The present building dates mainly from the reign of King Henry III. In 1245 he pulled down the eastern part of the 11th century Abbey, which had been founded by King Edward the Confessor and dedicated in 1065. Earlier in Henry's reign, on 16 May 1220, he had laid the foundation stone for a new Lady Chapel at the east end of the Confessor's church, but as the Abbey's own financial resources were not sufficient to continue the rebuilding of the whole church at this time no other work was carried out."  More on the history of the Abbey at be found at HISTORY OF WESTMINSTER ABBEY.

It is an incrediable building, I wish I could have spent more time here looking and photographing this building.