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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Avebury Henge - May 2011

On my last day in England, I spent the day traveling the lush green country side.  I booked a day trip that its first stop was at Avebury Henge.

The Wiltshire village of Avebury is home to the largest prehistoric stone circle in Britain and the most popular megalithic site after Stonehenge.
Like its more famous counterpart, the monuments of Avebury were constructed as early as 3000 BC and have been designated a World Heritage Site. Many travelers prefer the more atmospheric Avebury, with its peaceful village setting, to the heavily-touristed Stonehenge.

The little village that is within this circle is old and very picturesque. It is only during the Saxon period that any evidence of a village at Avebury began to appear. When the monuments were enjoying their golden age the beginnings of the village we now know lay over 3000 years in the future. The builders of the henge could never have imagined the controversy that the result of their labour was to create amongst the later inhabitants of the area and the treatment it was to receive as a result of religious zeal and financial gain. The effect the village was to have on the more recent history of the monuments adds considerably to the fascination of the Avebury story.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Drive

Went for a drive out in the country today, before the snow flies and I am stuck at home yet again.  Many of the fall colors are now gone and winter has touched the mountains.  Cochrane is in the foothills of Alberta just before the mountains, it is a beautiful little town with great views.

The colors of the blue skies and the golden fields made for great images and you almost could think it was spring.  Well, I can dream ... just a little keeps the insanity away.

I love how the lights hits the trees in the above image.  All aglow!!

The above pano was made up of 7 images.  I like the cloud formations and how bright blue the sky was today.

Weeds at this time of year are rather fun to shoot as well.  Partly, because there isnt much for flowers left. LoL :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Golden Autumn

I am still playing around with Panos ... I do like doing this but having a time trying to come up with some different ideas of panos so its not all the same things.  However, though some things don't always fits into the theme but well, I decided to give them a try anyway.

The above image is made up of 13 shots.  I loved the colors of the sun coming through the trees. This was taken last weekend and today there are only have a few golden leaves hanging on.

The above image is made up of 9 shots.  I just love these trees, they are pretty all year around whether was the dead of winter or the high of summer. 

The above image is made up of 7 shots.  This afternoon was beautiful time to head out for a bit of a walk and went with my camera. 

I am heading out tomorrow to Cochrane and I hope to shoot a few more panos as well and anything else I might be able to find.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Playing with Panos

Todays attempt was to create a pano of the valley of Down Town Calgary ... with all its fall colors and the great clouds that were rolling through.  I need a little practise with this yet, and unfortunately I over exposed the one side ... so will definitely need to do this again.

I had forgotten Photoshop really doesnt like doing this ... started about 6pm it is now 7:45pm for one image ... Hmmmm??!!  But this might be because I was trying to do other things ... so next time, just one thing at a time.

I will upload the full version of this image and share it.  This is a compressed because the full version is 24.6mb, which in other words ... HUGE!!!! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kelby Photowalk ~ Inglewood, Calgary, Alberta

What an excellent day to be out with a great group enjoying the beautiful autumn weather here in Calgary.

This is my second year being involved with the Scott Kelby Photowalk with Marlene Hielema running the walk.  The walk started at the Hose and Hound Pub and end there as well ... the walk as really good down some of the streets of Inglewood as well as along the river walkway which was really nice.  The trees and all the leaves are slowly changing ... all the colors were awesome today. 

We weren't the only ones out for a walk today .. This little guy was out for his walk as well!!

I have some editing to do yet and will share more photos over the coming week. 

It was a great day, one of my favorite ways to spend a day!!!