Avebury Henge - May 2011

On my last day in England, I spent the day traveling the lush green country side.  I booked a day trip that its first stop was at Avebury Henge.

The Wiltshire village of Avebury is home to the largest prehistoric stone circle in Britain and the most popular megalithic site after Stonehenge.
Like its more famous counterpart, the monuments of Avebury were constructed as early as 3000 BC and have been designated a World Heritage Site. Many travelers prefer the more atmospheric Avebury, with its peaceful village setting, to the heavily-touristed Stonehenge.

The little village that is within this circle is old and very picturesque. It is only during the Saxon period that any evidence of a village at Avebury began to appear. When the monuments were enjoying their golden age the beginnings of the village we now know lay over 3000 years in the future. The builders of the henge could never have imagined the controversy that the result of their labour was to create amongst the later inhabitants of the area and the treatment it was to receive as a result of religious zeal and financial gain. The effect the village was to have on the more recent history of the monuments adds considerably to the fascination of the Avebury story.