Golden Autumn

I am still playing around with Panos ... I do like doing this but having a time trying to come up with some different ideas of panos so its not all the same things.  However, though some things don't always fits into the theme but well, I decided to give them a try anyway.

The above image is made up of 13 shots.  I loved the colors of the sun coming through the trees. This was taken last weekend and today there are only have a few golden leaves hanging on.

The above image is made up of 9 shots.  I just love these trees, they are pretty all year around whether was the dead of winter or the high of summer. 

The above image is made up of 7 shots.  This afternoon was beautiful time to head out for a bit of a walk and went with my camera. 

I am heading out tomorrow to Cochrane and I hope to shoot a few more panos as well and anything else I might be able to find.