Black & White Photography @ MRU

I signed up for a Black and White Photography course at Mount Royal University, it is only 3 class long, which works for.  One night of lecture, One day of Shooting and Editing and One night of displaying your work. 

The shooting took place on Sunday, the wind was blowing and it was CoLd out but I had a good time.  The shoot was in one of the Industrial parks here in Calgary ... so factories, old buildings, machines, squished cars, railroad tracks etc etc.  Made for some interesting imaginery.

I am to find 3 of my favorite images to take to the last class.  I took over 300 shots so it was a little difficult to decide and I still might change my mind before I head of to last class on Wednesday.

Nothing like weeds, is there.  Well, I guess if you are a gardener, you wouldn't like them much.  But this do make such interesting subjects.

I love these buildings with all the different lines ... gives you eye a work out.

I walked by this pile of rocks several times, and each time I think "Ahh these work make a photo!?" But I think in the end them are very interesting to look at.

I have take several Black & White photos for this class and there will be a few more that I will share along way over the next few weeks.