White Horses

While on my last day in England, I took a tour of the countryside and it was a beautiful day for it.  It was a unique and exciting experience too see sights that are so old.

It was also great to see how green the country side really was.  As we were driving through the country, I spotted something rather interesting, to say the least.

Now not the greatest of shots, but through the window of the bus, I thought it tooked out pretty good.  This is the "White Horse of Cherhill", which was built about 1790's.  Dating from the late 18th century, it is the third oldest of several such white horses in Great Britain, with only the Uffington White Horse and the Westbury White Horse being older. The figure is also sometimes called the Oldbury White Horse.

"A bold theory for the origin of the first Wiltshire horse is that it commemorates Alfred the Great's  victory over Guthrum and the Danes at the Battle of Ethandun, in 878. Another is that it was carved in the early 18th century as a show of loyalty to the new royal house, the House of Hanover, the white horse being a heraldic symbol of the Electorate of Hanover. One writer on the subject has commented "...the hillside white horse can be a slippery creature, and the origins of some are impossible to establish with any certainty." ~ Wikipedia

Check out a couple of sites regarding the White Horse:
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Just a little further down the road, not far from the White Horse.  Just love those trees!!!