More Christmas Baking

Well, I can say that I did have a very productive weekend.  Saturday, I made a round of Puffed Wheat Squares and another batch of Rice Krispies Squares. Also made a large batch of Butter Tarts, consisting of plain, raisin, walnut and pecan.  And all turned out pretty good!!!! 

Saturday, while I was still snugglied in under the warm blankets, I decided that I want to make a batch of cookies too.  Now, in the past, I have not been very successful in baking cookies, always turned out rock hard ... pretty I broke a tooth somewhere along the way.  But I decided I would give it a good try. 

So I did some searching and decided to check out the web site.  And found a really good and very simple recipe, just the kind I like. 

For all you kids at heart, yes the dough was awesome!!  Making it very very hard to actually bake the cookies instead of eating the dough!!!

And it smelled ssssoooo good while they were baking, it was truely unbareable!!!

So you know, they were just yummy!!! 

Now for my secret, I did replace the sugar and brown with white splenda sugar and splenda brown sugar blend. And they turned out just fine ... and only baked them for 20mins.  I did make my cookies a little bit bigger but I figured what the heck, they still tasted really good.

Recipe:  Chocolate Chip Cookies