Full Moon and Chinook Skies

Ran out quickly early this evening to catch the last of today's sun that turn the skies a beautiful pinks, blues, oranges and yellows.  And just as I was coming in I spotted the moon just starting to rise, what luck!!

It blows my mind just how beautiful the skies here are in Alberta.  There are times that I have been out in early evening when the sun is just starting to set and the shape of the clouds and how deep the red is and you would think maybe the world was ending something.  But as fast as it comes, it disappears just as fast.

This evening is full moon, and it is quick big tonight.  They say that when full moon comes, so does the change in weather ... Tuesday, Calgary is suppose to get snow!!  Dam!!! :)

Trees was quite fascinating and with the right sky there is such great detail and they say there is no beauty during the winter season.

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