Niagara School of Imaging Scholarship for 2012

This year I was surprised and very happy to recieve the NSI Scholarship!!  I haven't decided which course I was be taking this year but them all look great and will be hard to decide. 

I remember first finding reference to NSI online about 5 years ago, looking for something new and a bit of an adventure for a holiday.  Trying to incorporate a holiday with a new found love of photography.  Of course, when you find things online, you tend to take it with a grain of salt and I was a little scary so I did make some phone calls first to Brock University to see if this "NSI" thing was real and then to Ian Ransberry and talked to him for a bit and decided that I would I go.

My first year at NSI, was to say the least an eye opener with Rob Stimpson.  I was taught to look at things differently, how the light fell on subjects, how to see subjects in a new light.  I didn't look at things in the same way once I took this course and I still use some of the techniques that I was taught.  One of the main things that I did learn, was to slow down, look at things, explore or sometimes let the subject come to you.  Before this course, I was always in a hurry to shoot, the world is always in such a rush and as a photographer sometimes you do get caught up in it all and sometimes you just need to step back and "Find the Light".

Second year, I was with Rob Corrado!!  Rob is a great guy ... introduced the class to many thing both in the Photoshop world as well as in the Photography World.  Rob included a studio lesson as well, which I hadn't worked much in, leaving me with the itch for lighting which I still haven't scratched yet.  He also introduced Lightroom, which now I use all the time to keep my photos and projects organized.  Rob didn't limit himself with just class either over the last few years I have emailed him and ask other questions and his thoughts a couple of the programs that have come across as well as just seeing how life was treating him.

Third year, I took a posing course with Hanson Fong .. what a whoot!!  And what a way of seeing people and how they relate to one another in a photo.  Not the easiest theory to grasp but I do believe I have been able to pose people better and create better images.  Hanson was a really good guy and I learned a lot from him, took some time for it all to digest but if I had the opportunity again to take his course I would.

Fourth year was with Tony Pickard, this man is a wealth of knowledge!!  Four days were just not long enough with him, I learn so much and opened my mind up again to try some different things not only in Photoshop but in photography as well.  He is truly a fun and creative individual and has allot to share, I wish I was closer to Barrie, Ontario so that I could take some of his courses.  What I liked very much about Tony, is that he contacted all of the students to find out what we all wanted to learn and he truly did his best to cover all he could.  I very much enjoyed chatting with him during the earthquake and bouncing questions off of him. That was one of the best things we did.

NSI is not just about learning, it is about making contacts, having fun, and making Friends.  I have been shooting since about 2005, however, the first two years are more of a learning process. Learning what to do with your camera, learning that if you change a setting that the camera won't blow up in your hands.  Learning to manipulate, not only within the camera but in Photoshop as well.  And as I grown, I have learned what I do like to shoot and what I don't have much interest in; I like shoot people but I love to be artistic and creative to see what I can come up with.   And in the last year, traveling and photography has been very interesting because I can create well composite and interesting images.

I find that photography for me is very much a creative outlet as well as a way to relax.

I love the opportunity to come out to NSI; to learn, to create, to make new friends, see old friends, to shoot, to share and simply to enjoy photography. 

Thank you to Ian and Rick!!  It was a great and wonderful surprise to receive the scholarship email informing me that I won, it truly made my year!!  Thank you again for all of the hard work you both do, and to all of the staff that makes NSI a great success every year.

You don't take a photograph, you make it.
Ansel Adams