Walking and Photography

Week of February 26 to March 3:

I have decided to try and go for a walk everyday, partly to build up my muscles before going to Scotland this year as well as to get some very much needed exercise.  I find that over the winter months, I tend not to do to much, hypernate like many other Canadians.

However, I really have a hard time getting off my butt and going ... no modivation to do so.  So I decided that I would take my camera with me and do a little photography to make the walk a little more fun and to get some camera time which has been lacking quite a bit lately.

So I have decided that every Sunday I will post photos from each days' walk.  Now, I only started yesterday so I will only post one photo from last week and next Sunday, I will post a full weeks photos.

I have also created a photo gallery of the images that I have taken which can be found at the following link:  Walk 2012 - Photo Album

I wasn`t the only one out for a walk on Saturday.  The little one just loved to jump in as many puddles as she could find!!