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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Short Wander Through Inglewood

Just had to get out yesterday, the sun was shining and the skies were somewhat clear. I just couldn't resist!!!  Decided to head into Inglewood, was actually heading for the Dane House Gardens but because spring was so slow this year things have quite sprouted yet!!

Come across this place more than once but it really appealed to me.  Not sure if it was the lighting or the shadows or what but I really like the look of the old pealing paint and the green coming through.

More photos from the other day.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Origins of the Rock ~ Edinburgh

350 million years ago the Castle Rock was an erupting volcano which stood on a wide river plain, close to a tropical sea. When the volcano activity stopped, the volcano was buried beneath kilometres of sand and mud.

During the Ice Age the old volcano was uncovered by the tremendous force of ice, sculpting the volcano's solid core dramatically against the landscape.  Its stark shape was further emphasised by the hollow gouged around it by the ice.  This hollow became a marshy valley to the north which formed the Nor Loch when its streams were dammed in 1450.

The crag of Castle Rock formed a natural defensive position which was built on from around 1125.  In 1760 drainage of the Loch began.  Later the railway was constructed and Princes Street Gardens laid out on the loch bed.  The gardens have evolved ever since and work continues to conserve and enhance them for the benefit of present and future generations.

In 1818, the Crown Estate, as owners of the castle and the south gardens, agreed with the Princes Street Proprietors a long term, low rent lease to make the area available for public use.  In 1876, the lease was transferred to the City.

The result combines the forces of nature and the work of man's hand a beautiful garden within a unique setting.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Doggie Cemetery - Edinburgh Castle

I thought this was so sweet and really love the flowers that have been put out on all the graves.  In the background is Prince's Street, where you can "Shop Until You Drop"!!

The Dog Cemetery
The British are renowned for their love of dogs, and this little cemetery is proof.  Since the 1840's it has served as a burial place for regimental mascots and officers' pet dogs.  Here lie such "faithful' as Jess, band pet of 42nd Royal Highlanders (The Black Watch), who died 1881 and Dobbler, who for nine years until his death in 1893 followed by the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders to such exotic locations as China, Sri Lanka and South Africa.
Official Souvenir Guide
Edinburgh Castle

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Glasgow, Day 2 - May 15

My last day in Glasgow was spent touring the city and checking a few little shops along the way. My day started at the Glasgow Cathedral, which is a beautiful old old old building. It is in the process of being repaired and cleaned up or refurbished like many of the buildings in the city.

I dug out my wide angle to capture some of these images and there will be more later once I get home. This is a view into the choir section above is the organ, which was being playing while I was there.

After heading out of the cathredal, I went up to the city of the death, which is a cemetery where many of the city's prominent people of times gone by have been buried. It's all on the side of a great hill, so some of it was quite a good walk.

yes, I know I am strange but I do like cemeteries, they can be very peaceful to walk through and alot of there time you can find alot of birds as well other wildlife.

Then it was on to the People's Palace, this is where I decided to have some lunch. I have discovered something new which I might have to give a try at home . . . Tuna with corn relish . . . Sounds a little strange but I really like it and gives the tuna a little more of a like.

The People's Palace and Winter Gardens in Glasgow, Scotland is a museum and glasshouse situated in Glasgow Green, and was opened on 22 January, 1898 by the Earl of Rosebery. Will share photos from here once I get home.

I decided to head up to the University . . . University of Glasgow was founded in 1451 and is the 4th Oldest english speaking university. I didn't explore this building as much as I would have liked, I actually missed read the time and thought it was much later then it really was, haha. Oh well, next I will come back it was be on my list of places to visit.


One of the last stops was to the botanical gardens, where I went for a nice walk through the park. All of the flowers are in bloom and the birdies a "gettin' busy". I watched a pair of robins, the female was trying so hard to be noticed and the male was to busy looking for bugs and worms, hahah. It was quite funny to watch, Ahhh Men!! Lol :)

It was a beautiful day to be out, not to hot, not to cold and not to wet. Made for a perfect day out to explore and enjoy my last day here.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Glasgow, Day One - May 14

Took the train from Dunkeld today in Glasgow to Buchanan Station. And found my way to my B&B to dump off my stuff and head out to see what I could see. This is very much a busy and active place and was been for quite some time. I decided to do then hop on off bus tour today to get an idea of what I would like to check out. So I have my whole planned for tomorrow and looking forward to it.

Pigeons here are very pushy to say the least ... I didn't photo of it ... But these pigeons were almost in this poor girl's purse that was sitting on the bench. And she was trying to shoo them away and wasn't being ver successful hahah

Glasgow is starting to set things up for the Olympics in London, so there is a big fairs-wheel going up in George Square so did get all the shots I wanted. The square was named after George III, a statue of whom was originally intended to occupy the centre of the square, but the turmoil and anxiety caused to the city's Tobacco Lords by the War of American Independence in 1775 and eventual British defeat in 1783, coupled with his ever more frequent bouts of madness had created mixed feelings toward the Hanoverian and so it was decided instead to commemorate Sir Walter Scott, which, incidentally, was the first ever memorial dedicated to him.

As you can tell, the pigeons own this square now. There is some great art work in this square and if I have time tomorrow I will try and get pics of all these statues.

There is some great architecture here as well, quite a bit of Georgian style buildings. The City Chambers in Glasgow, has functioned as the headquarters of Glasgow City Council since 1996, and of preceding forms of municipal government in the city since 1889, located on the eastern side of the city's George Square. An eminent example of Victorian civic architecture, the building was constructed between 1882 and 1888 to a competition winning design by Glaswegian architect William Young (originally from the nearby town of Paisley).

Well, I am down to my second last day here in Scotland, I truly had a wonderful trip. Seen alot, did alot and really enjoyed being here. It is place I think if you have th chance to come and see, I would totally recommend doing so.

I promise once I get home, I will post as many links to the places I have been to, and the places I stayed at. I did not stay in place that I didn't like all were nice, clean and comfortable.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Birnam & Dunkeld - May 13

On the leg of my adventure, tomorrow I am of to Glasgow for about day and a half. Today, however, I am staying in a little place called Birnam and just a little way down the road is The River Tay and Dunkeld.

In Dunkeld, is a great old cathedral, dating back to the 15th century.


It's been another off on day, the sun try desperately to come out but it was more liquid sunshine more than anything. The village of Birnam is only about 40 minutes from where I was last night. Today, I took the bus over and had a very scenic trip, lots a green and beautiful mountains.

I explored some of Birnam but there isn't much here so decided to walk over to Dunkeld which is only a 15-20 min walk across the bridge which was built in 1809. However, I did learn that Beatrice Potter, the writer of Peter Rabbit, spent many of her summers here in Birnam.

Tomorrow, I head back into Glasgow. There will be 2 more blogs before coming home. I promise to share all my photos once I get they all look at and organized. And will try and share as many stories as I can.

See ya all soon :-)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oh Look What I Found??

Today was a travel day, but what is nice is that the traveling part really is all the far. I only spent about hour or so on the train today and got to Blair Atholl before noon. So I had some time to explore and a wee bit of shopping as well. There are some great great old buildings here as well, I know I keep saying that but there really are some great old buildings everywhere :)

One of my first stops was the old kirk and graveyard. There are some very old graves here.

Down the street from where I am staying is a spa, but on the outside is this really great old spiral stair case. I didnt check out the spa but did take a few photos so this staircase. Isnt the detail of the berries and white iron railing pretty.

This evening I went for a walk, up to another old kirk but along the was a great big field with quite a few baby lambs with their mamas. They weren't to sure of me, and if even walking up the road they took off and went straight for their mamas. Everyone had lots to say to, and I am pretty sure they weren't saying Hi! Lol

Arent they sweet!!

There isn't a yard further into the little town, and it has a wee stream running through it and that is where all the ducks hang out, along with some chickens. Didn't get a great shoot of the chickens but the ducks did some posing for.

Many of the yards and gardens are decorated and came across this wee fellow, who just screamed take my picture please!!!!


Friday, May 11, 2012

I Didn't Find a Monster, but Did See Boat!!

Today, started out extremely, wet, cold and rainy. But headed out at 9am to check a mini bus tour out around Loch Ness and backup to the Isle of Skye. The further up I went the more blue sky you started to find. And eventually things dried up and turned into not toad of a day.

One the stops was at Loch Ness and jumped off quick and took a few photos but they really don't do it justice because it was all socked in and misty.

So didn't spy Nessy but the driver of the bus assured everyone that she is there!! Loch Ness is an inland fresh water way. It is 23 miles long, on average 1 mile across and 750 feet deep. You can find salmon, trout and rather big eels ... Makes for good fishing.

This is "The Old Bridge" this is located at Invermoriston. The bridge was bridge between 1801 to 1891, By Thomas Telford who also help to design and built the canals systems through out Scotland.


Eilean Donan Castle is a relatively new structure that had laid in ruin for nearly two centuries and was rebuilt between 1912 to 1932.

I will post more on this castle once I get home and go through all my photos.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Inverness by Train, May 10

Today, was a travel day by a short bus ride and then on the train to Inverness. It was a beautiful trip, the landscape is just beautiful but very different from my trip to Ireland.

The trip start by catching the bus from to Kyle of Lochalsh across the Skye bridge that connects the mainland to the isle. Looks to be a relatively new bridge.

There is some beauitful scenery along this route and really enjoyed the trip. And arrived in Inverness about 3pm this afternoon. Did some snooping around and a wee bit of shopping too :). Not going to tell,what I bought but will when I get home hahaha :). I will spoil the surprise :)

You should see all the fluffy white little lambs all through out the fields. They are so much fun to watch ... Just out for a good time and a little mommys love and some milk too :)


I find the trees here just facsinating ... Some see to be rather old and decrepit but seem to suit the landscape.

Tomorrow, I am off to see more of the countryside and will share when I get back.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Isle of Skye - May 9th

Had a wonderful day out on a 4hr bus tour around parts of the island. It started out in Broadford where I was picked up by the touring company. Broadford, is Skye's, second largest settlement, it forms the gateway between the island's gentle south and the more rugged north. Broadford was a cattle market in the 18th century but after Thomas Telford built the Kyleakin to Portree road I. 1812 it became central for routes to other parts of the island.

One of the first stops was to view the Red and Black Cuillin, which are mountains. The Peaks of the Black Cuillin were created from some of the World's oldest basalt and gabbro rock. They rise to form a seven mile long, horseshoe-shaped ridge of jagged peaks, the highest of which is Sgurr Alasdair at 994m. Twelve of the Black Cuillin peaks are Munroes (3000 feet high.)

The brown brush stuff is heather, it isn't in bloom yet but when it does that is when it is purple.

The it was on to Portree for a bit to eat a very short wander through the town. Great views and a tonne of history as well. Bonnie Prince Charlie hid out here .. Will try and find information on Portree and share it with you when I get home.

Portree means Port of Kings, King James travel here in the 1500s. King James is the father of Mary Queen of Scots.


The guy was busy watching all the kids with their lunches just waiting for something to fall!!

The wind was blowing like mad here but the views were awesome, there is a wee sailboat out on the ocean, can you see it?

Then it was on to Kilt Rock. Awesome view and incredible scenery. Kilt Rock is a stretch of coastline where cliffs of basalt columns give the coastline a pleated kilt-like appearance. The viewing point for where Loch Mealt spills over the 76m cliff to a shoreline of caves and aches.


The tour went on to Staffin, named from the Norse for "pillar". The village is nestled beneath the strangely shaped pinnacles of Quiraing, at the northern end of the Tortternish Ridge.


This shot doesnt show it well, but we are quite far up. Over 3000 feet up.

Well, that is my day in a nutshell. Very much looking forward to crawling into bed tonight. :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On to Malliag, Scotland

May 7

Well, hit the first place without steady Internet access which turned out ok anyway :). So Monday, Dorothy from CN-do Scotland picked me up in Stirling and took me on a bit of a tour in the Highlands and dropped me at the train station at Bridge of Orchy.


But we hit a few places along the way, one being an old kirk at Balquhidder, which if I remember is part of Clan MacDonald. Beautifully located at the head of Loch Lomond in the Trossachs National Park


We also stopped along at place called Killin, that has some beauitful waterfalls, The Falls of Dochart. It was a very short stay might be on my list of places to see again :)


Then a quick lunch of fish and chips ... And yes I am enjoying every minute of fish before I back to normal everyday food lol :)


The views from my window last night with all the fishing and ferry boats in at Malliag.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

On to Stirling

Today, I moved on to Stirling by train. It is rather neat how everything here is connected, wish we could be that organized at home.

Travelled through several little towns and the countryside was green and beautiful. Lots of cows and sleep :)

I left about 10:30am and arrived in Stirling at about 11:30am.

This is Home Sweet Home for tonight. I have a neat little room, not a big room but wasn't in it much today anyway.

I decided to venture up to the castle and I mean UP. Another place with all those neat little streets with all those twists and turns as well as cobblestones everywhere.

When you finally get to the top, there is some great scenery! The views from the castle are awesome and with the sun shining on the hills, it was a beautiful sight.

The Royal Castle stands on a high volcanic crag, dominating the plains below. Stirling Castle was one of the most favored homes ofmScottish kings and queens from the 12th century. It provided security, comforted and pleasure in a way unrivaled by any other residence. But it's strategic importance meant that it also became the most besieged castle in the land, the focus of two of the most important battles in Scotland's history - Stirling Bridge (1297) and Bannockburn (1314).

There is much more to do here but I decided to focus on seeing the castle. It is also Sunday, which I didn't realize until near the end of the day and was wondering why all the stores and eateries were closing up so early!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

James Christie Photo Tour and the Rest of the Day

Quite a busy day today as well. Stared off at Calton Hill where there were some great views of the city.

As you can see we had some beautiful weather. The skies were blue and the sun was shining, the wind was cool but with all the moving around keep you quite warm.

We made our way down to Palace of Holyroodhouse where Queen Marys bathhouse is located.

So there are a couple of theories about this little house, one being that Mary, Queen of Scots use to come down to this little house to bathe in white wine. However, it is more likely that it was a more likely it was used as a summer house.

After the photo tour was finished I made my way back to some familiar ground. I walked the first half of this park the other day but decided to check out the rest. It was very busy today because of the weather and I am sure because it is Saturday.

I actually have lost a day somewhere along the way and was thinking it was only Friday. Lol. Gotta love holidays!!!

At the end of West Princes Street Gardens is Waverley Bridge where you can catch all of the bus tours. So I took two of these little tours around the city to see some of the other sights. There are so many things to see and do. One of the buses took you over to Newhaven which at one time was a fishing village.

Well, tomorrow I am off to Stirling for a night. Will post again then. When, I get home I will post some links and things including James' homepage and tour information.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Edinburgh Castle

What an excellent day out! I want to Thank Iain and Marion for a wonderful day of sight seeing and good food and good conversation. And the coffee!! Two very wonderful people and I am so glad we were able to meet up, you both truly made my day.

We started out on one of the hop on off bus tours and it give me a good overview of the city. There is lots here to see and do and will definitely be on my list of places to come and see again. We decided to go up to Edinburgh Castle and check things out. Walked the last little bit of the Royal Mile which is actually 1.2 miles long, if I remember correctly. All cobblestone, which is alot of fun walking on, makes you look like your hit all the pubs along the way, hahaha

This is the last little stretch of the Royal Mile and the Castle is up behind the big church.

The castle was built on a volcano, and has been in use for 3000 years as a place of safety. It is now consisted a World Heritage site. The Scottish Crown jewels as well as the coronation stones is also located here. So I saw a crown today!!

There are also street performers here and there as well. Found this guy playing away on his pipes. Didnt saw to bad!!

So that is my day in a nut shell. Looking forward to tomorrow, will be out shooting for a couple of hours and look forward to doing a little more sight seeing afterwards.