Glasgow, Day 2 - May 15

My last day in Glasgow was spent touring the city and checking a few little shops along the way. My day started at the Glasgow Cathedral, which is a beautiful old old old building. It is in the process of being repaired and cleaned up or refurbished like many of the buildings in the city.

I dug out my wide angle to capture some of these images and there will be more later once I get home. This is a view into the choir section above is the organ, which was being playing while I was there.

After heading out of the cathredal, I went up to the city of the death, which is a cemetery where many of the city's prominent people of times gone by have been buried. It's all on the side of a great hill, so some of it was quite a good walk.

yes, I know I am strange but I do like cemeteries, they can be very peaceful to walk through and alot of there time you can find alot of birds as well other wildlife.

Then it was on to the People's Palace, this is where I decided to have some lunch. I have discovered something new which I might have to give a try at home . . . Tuna with corn relish . . . Sounds a little strange but I really like it and gives the tuna a little more of a like.

The People's Palace and Winter Gardens in Glasgow, Scotland is a museum and glasshouse situated in Glasgow Green, and was opened on 22 January, 1898 by the Earl of Rosebery. Will share photos from here once I get home.

I decided to head up to the University . . . University of Glasgow was founded in 1451 and is the 4th Oldest english speaking university. I didn't explore this building as much as I would have liked, I actually missed read the time and thought it was much later then it really was, haha. Oh well, next I will come back it was be on my list of places to visit.


One of the last stops was to the botanical gardens, where I went for a nice walk through the park. All of the flowers are in bloom and the birdies a "gettin' busy". I watched a pair of robins, the female was trying so hard to be noticed and the male was to busy looking for bugs and worms, hahah. It was quite funny to watch, Ahhh Men!! Lol :)

It was a beautiful day to be out, not to hot, not to cold and not to wet. Made for a perfect day out to explore and enjoy my last day here.