Glasgow, Day One - May 14

Took the train from Dunkeld today in Glasgow to Buchanan Station. And found my way to my B&B to dump off my stuff and head out to see what I could see. This is very much a busy and active place and was been for quite some time. I decided to do then hop on off bus tour today to get an idea of what I would like to check out. So I have my whole planned for tomorrow and looking forward to it.

Pigeons here are very pushy to say the least ... I didn't photo of it ... But these pigeons were almost in this poor girl's purse that was sitting on the bench. And she was trying to shoo them away and wasn't being ver successful hahah

Glasgow is starting to set things up for the Olympics in London, so there is a big fairs-wheel going up in George Square so did get all the shots I wanted. The square was named after George III, a statue of whom was originally intended to occupy the centre of the square, but the turmoil and anxiety caused to the city's Tobacco Lords by the War of American Independence in 1775 and eventual British defeat in 1783, coupled with his ever more frequent bouts of madness had created mixed feelings toward the Hanoverian and so it was decided instead to commemorate Sir Walter Scott, which, incidentally, was the first ever memorial dedicated to him.

As you can tell, the pigeons own this square now. There is some great art work in this square and if I have time tomorrow I will try and get pics of all these statues.

There is some great architecture here as well, quite a bit of Georgian style buildings. The City Chambers in Glasgow, has functioned as the headquarters of Glasgow City Council since 1996, and of preceding forms of municipal government in the city since 1889, located on the eastern side of the city's George Square. An eminent example of Victorian civic architecture, the building was constructed between 1882 and 1888 to a competition winning design by Glaswegian architect William Young (originally from the nearby town of Paisley).

Well, I am down to my second last day here in Scotland, I truly had a wonderful trip. Seen alot, did alot and really enjoyed being here. It is place I think if you have th chance to come and see, I would totally recommend doing so.

I promise once I get home, I will post as many links to the places I have been to, and the places I stayed at. I did not stay in place that I didn't like all were nice, clean and comfortable.