Isle of Skye - May 9th

Had a wonderful day out on a 4hr bus tour around parts of the island. It started out in Broadford where I was picked up by the touring company. Broadford, is Skye's, second largest settlement, it forms the gateway between the island's gentle south and the more rugged north. Broadford was a cattle market in the 18th century but after Thomas Telford built the Kyleakin to Portree road I. 1812 it became central for routes to other parts of the island.

One of the first stops was to view the Red and Black Cuillin, which are mountains. The Peaks of the Black Cuillin were created from some of the World's oldest basalt and gabbro rock. They rise to form a seven mile long, horseshoe-shaped ridge of jagged peaks, the highest of which is Sgurr Alasdair at 994m. Twelve of the Black Cuillin peaks are Munroes (3000 feet high.)

The brown brush stuff is heather, it isn't in bloom yet but when it does that is when it is purple.

The it was on to Portree for a bit to eat a very short wander through the town. Great views and a tonne of history as well. Bonnie Prince Charlie hid out here .. Will try and find information on Portree and share it with you when I get home.

Portree means Port of Kings, King James travel here in the 1500s. King James is the father of Mary Queen of Scots.


The guy was busy watching all the kids with their lunches just waiting for something to fall!!

The wind was blowing like mad here but the views were awesome, there is a wee sailboat out on the ocean, can you see it?

Then it was on to Kilt Rock. Awesome view and incredible scenery. Kilt Rock is a stretch of coastline where cliffs of basalt columns give the coastline a pleated kilt-like appearance. The viewing point for where Loch Mealt spills over the 76m cliff to a shoreline of caves and aches.


The tour went on to Staffin, named from the Norse for "pillar". The village is nestled beneath the strangely shaped pinnacles of Quiraing, at the northern end of the Tortternish Ridge.


This shot doesnt show it well, but we are quite far up. Over 3000 feet up.

Well, that is my day in a nutshell. Very much looking forward to crawling into bed tonight. :)