Morning in Edinburgh, Scotland

Left Calgary, late Wednesday and had a really good flight, even gained an hour coming in. I took the train from Glasgow to Waverly station in downtown Edinburgh and was here by 10am. And was at my B&B quite early, so had some time to kill, and decided to go for a bit of a walk around the neighborhood.

The side roads are little windy streets, up downs all over the place, almost like there was very little direction and that direction was an after thought which I am sure they were. There are also some awesome backyards, which is where I found this little hanging out.

It was a little foggy and wet this morning but as the day went on it became a very nice day out. I decided to head out again after a bit of a nap and a shower to re-charged batteries, to see what else I could find as well as a great bowl of homemade soup and fresh bread!!! It was really good too!!!!