Oh Look What I Found??

Today was a travel day, but what is nice is that the traveling part really is all the far. I only spent about hour or so on the train today and got to Blair Atholl before noon. So I had some time to explore and a wee bit of shopping as well. There are some great great old buildings here as well, I know I keep saying that but there really are some great old buildings everywhere :)

One of my first stops was the old kirk and graveyard. There are some very old graves here.

Down the street from where I am staying is a spa, but on the outside is this really great old spiral stair case. I didnt check out the spa but did take a few photos so this staircase. Isnt the detail of the berries and white iron railing pretty.

This evening I went for a walk, up to another old kirk but along the was a great big field with quite a few baby lambs with their mamas. They weren't to sure of me, and if even walking up the road they took off and went straight for their mamas. Everyone had lots to say to, and I am pretty sure they weren't saying Hi! Lol

Arent they sweet!!

There isn't a yard further into the little town, and it has a wee stream running through it and that is where all the ducks hang out, along with some chickens. Didn't get a great shoot of the chickens but the ducks did some posing for.

Many of the yards and gardens are decorated and came across this wee fellow, who just screamed take my picture please!!!!