On to Stirling

Today, I moved on to Stirling by train. It is rather neat how everything here is connected, wish we could be that organized at home.

Travelled through several little towns and the countryside was green and beautiful. Lots of cows and sleep :)

I left about 10:30am and arrived in Stirling at about 11:30am.

This is Home Sweet Home for tonight. I have a neat little room, not a big room but wasn't in it much today anyway.

I decided to venture up to the castle and I mean UP. Another place with all those neat little streets with all those twists and turns as well as cobblestones everywhere.

When you finally get to the top, there is some great scenery! The views from the castle are awesome and with the sun shining on the hills, it was a beautiful sight.

The Royal Castle stands on a high volcanic crag, dominating the plains below. Stirling Castle was one of the most favored homes ofmScottish kings and queens from the 12th century. It provided security, comforted and pleasure in a way unrivaled by any other residence. But it's strategic importance meant that it also became the most besieged castle in the land, the focus of two of the most important battles in Scotland's history - Stirling Bridge (1297) and Bannockburn (1314).

There is much more to do here but I decided to focus on seeing the castle. It is also Sunday, which I didn't realize until near the end of the day and was wondering why all the stores and eateries were closing up so early!!