CILL CHRIOSD, Broadford, Isle of Skye


Originally the parish church of Strath was a Ashaig, traditionally founded by St Maol Ruadh in the 7th century AD.  Sometime during the later middle ages a new parish church was built here at Cille Chriosd (Christ's church).  The earliest historicial refrence tells us that in 1505 one Kenneth Adamson succeeded John MacGillivray as chaplain, only to be replaced, firstly by Sir John Johenson, and then in 1508, by John Ranaldson.  The small stone carving of a boar, found during the restoration, probably dates to around this time.

In 1627, the church received its first Protestant minister, Neil Mackinnon.  On his appointment on June the 19th he 'gave his grite and solemn oath that he sall treulie according to his knowledge, give up to the Clerk of Councell the names of all Papists he he knew within the Isles'.  Neil's mean spirit and greed were proverbial.  While allowing his workmen two meals a day when working, he only supplied one meal on the Sunday when they were resting.  One Sunday, as two hungry workmen sat on a knoll outside the church where he was preaching, they waited until the minister was leaving with his friends then set-to working the foot-plough.  Thereafter Neil made sure they received two meals every day.

In 1840, Cille Chriosd was itself superseded as parish church by a new building in Broadford.