Experimenting with a New ND Filter

I picked up a new neutral density filter for my camera.  Have wanted to play with something like this for ages and just decided to do it.  I look forward to see what I can create along the way.

This is a 1second exposure at F22 on a tripod ... the trunk of the tree is still a little blurry but I think that it is partly from the wind as well as I should have been using a trigger release, which I havent been about to find ... I know I have one but!!!

This image is a 10second exposure at F22 also on a tripod.  I zoomed the lens in and out to get more of a blur.  I took quite a few photos but was more of an experiment to see what I could come up with.  I look forward to trying this out on a waterfall etc to see what I will come up with.