Great Shooting Over the Last Few Days

I have been out shooting some over the last few days ...

Friday, I spent with James with Learning Photography Alberta at the Calgary Zoo and what a great day!!!  I learned a couple of new things one being spot metering.  Ok Ok, I know I have been at this photography thing for a while and I have just figure out spot metering!!   Well, yeah ... but hey how cool is that, that I am still learning and bettering myself!!

I love the effect that spot metering creates and I am so thrilled that James show the group how to do this.  And I have been working on it all weekend long.

Also figured out how to do manual focus a little better as well.  This trick well work on non-moving subjects but I am quite happy with it.  You need live view on your camera, and use your zoom figure to enlarge the subject in live view and then focus.  I know this doesn't quite make great sense but I have always had a hard time focusing and this makes a big difference.

Saturday, I took only a few shots but I rather like them.  Decided to go for a bit of a drive and found a pond ... not much for wildlife but did find some great weeds!!

But there was a duck!!  Who swam across the pond just before I left and got a couple of photos from him ... but she was a ways away.

This is a female mallard and the photo was taken not far from Indus, Alberta.

Today, was a fun day as well.  Went with a few thoughts for photos ... not sure if I really captured what I wanted but it was fun trying!!

The Ghostly Girlfriend

The Ghostly Shopper

The Ghostly Highland Dancers