Travel Photography ~ Learning Photography Alberta

I found this company through Facebook ... I had been looking forward something new as well as something that was being offered here in Calgary.  I seem to always find neat courses but they are always somewhere far away.  I also wanted something that was like the photo tours I have taken in London and Edinburgh.  I truly enjoy learning from James, very knowledgeable and liked the way he explained the techniques and then sent the group off to practice and then to show off them favorite shots.

I love the creative aspect of photography, if you know how to manipulate your camera and can do anything. There was lots of opportunities downtown on Thursday to be creative and it was a very good day for the course.

We did have some unexpected company which bought smiles to everyone in the group :) These guys are great and so brave because it has been ssssoooo hot during this years Stampede. 

Having fun with Tilt!  I have always loved tilting my photos just to see what I can create, but have also learning when not to tilt.  But this guy I thought looked pretty good tilted, he was right across from the Irish Pub so well, never know right?? :)

Well, wont post all this photos here but please check out my Travel Photography Alberta.  I will be take 2 other courses with Learning Photography Alberta this month and will be sharing my thoughts and images with you.