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Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Big Exciting News!!

My big exciting news!!  About 2 weeks ago I was offered a part time photography/teaching job with Learning Photography Alberta!!  I would love to Thank James for thinking of me and giving me the chance to do this.  I look forward to giving this a good try and having fun doing so.

Today, I went out with a good group who just sucked in all the knowledge that was give and truly opened their minds to photography.

I also took a few shots along the way, just because I couldn't resist!!  It was such a perfect day to be out and shooting and enjoying the people around me.  I love to see the little light bulbs go off when the students grasp a concept!!

 I am heading to the mountains for a week so my next post will be from the road.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

War of 1812


This house of Captain John DeCou (the name was variously spelled by his relatives and descendants and latterly as DeCew) was the headquarters of the British Outpost under Lieut James Fitzgibbon to which came Laura Secord through the woods and swamps below the Niagara Escarpment  from Queenston on June 24, 1813 to warn of the American advance thus warned, the small British force with its Indian Allies captured by bold strategy at Beaverdams, the entire force with its commanding officer, Lieut Col. Charles G. Boerstler. That action, "The Fight in the Beech Woods." Was a turning point of the war.

Capt. John DeCou, a Militia Officer since 1809, had been taken prisoner after the capture of Niagara and Ft. George on May 27, 1813.  His wife and children lived here through the war, their home was also a military post and supply point at various times.  Capt. DeCou escaped from captivity in 1814 to serve until the end of the war.  He was present at Lundy's Lane.

Born of English stock in Vermont in 1766, John DeCou came to Upper Canada as a young United Empire Loyalist and became a pioneer farmer, fruit grower and industrialist.  He married Catharine, daughter of Frederick Docksteter of Butler's Rangers in 1798.  They had eleven children.  He died in 1855 at Decewsville in Haldimand, the second community of which he was the founder and which bore his name.

After the war, he restored and developed this property and the area became the Hamlet of DeCew town now DeCew Falls.  He advocated and became a director of the first Welland Canal.  When the route was changed, leaving his mills without water power, he became an opponent of the scheme, because of the diversion of water from his mill, John DeCou sold this place in 1834, the purchaser, David Griffiths and his descendents occupied the house until 1942.  It was then acquired with the surrounding property by the hydroelectric power commission of Ontario for the extension of the DeCew Falls generating station which originally had been created by the diversion to the stream of John DeCou of additional water from the third Welland Canal.  In 1950, while unoccupied, it was destroyed by fire believed to have been incendiary origin.  It was preserved in its present state and this tablet erected in 1952 by the Hydro Electric power commission of Ontario.

Back side of the DeCou House.

Looking to the stonehouse.

This is the house that Laura Secord went to, to inform the British that the Americans were coming.

Laura Secord (née Ingersoll, 13 September 1775 – 17 October 1868) was a Canadian heroine of the War of 1812. She is known for warning British forces of an impending American attack that led to the British victory at the Battle of Beaver Dams.
Her father, Thomas Ingersoll, who had fought on the side of the American revolutionaries during the War, had moved his family to the Niagara region of Upper Canada in 1795 after he had applied for and received a land grant. Shortly after, Laura married United Empire Loyalist James Secord, with whom she had seven children. The family lived in Queenston.
After the outbreak of the War of 1812, Secord's husband was seriously wounded at the Battle of Queenston Heights. While he was still recovering in 1813, the Americans invaded the Niagara peninsula, including Queenston. Secord acquired information about a planned American attack, and stole away on the morning of 23 June to inform Lieutenant James FitzGibbon at DeCew House in the British-controlled territory. The information helped the British and their Mohawk warrior allies win the Battle of Beaver Dams, keeping the invading Americans at bay. Her contribution to the war was forgotten until 1860, when future king Albert Edward, Prince of Walesawarded her with £100 for her service.
The legend of Laura Secord has become of part of Canadian mythology, and many embellished versions of the tale have appeared over the years. She is the namesake of several schools and the Laura Secord chocolate company. She has been repeatedly honoured in her homeland, with several monuments, a museum, and a statue at the Valiants Memorial in the Canadian capital. She has been the subject of books, poetry and plays. A commemorative stamp was issued of her by Canada Post in 1992.   ~Wilipedia

Monday, August 27, 2012

White Water Walk


Went for a bit of an adventure down the Niagara River edge!!  Gorgeous, powerful river with a great influence on Canadian history.  Marvel at the relentless power and beauty of nature and see how the deep and narrow Great Gorge was created. Trillions of gallons of water are forced into this accelerating trough - the sight will take your breath away! 

The enormous energy of Niagara Falls has long been recognized as a potential source of power. The first known effort to harness the waters was in 1759, when Daniel Joncaire built a small canal above the falls to power his sawmill. Augustus and Peter Porter purchased this area and all of American Falls in 1805 from the New York state government, and enlarged the original canal to provide hydraulic power for their gristmill and tannery. In 1853, the Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power and Mining Company was chartered, which eventually constructed the canals which would be used to generate electricity. In 1881, under the leadership of Jacob Schoellkopf, Niagara River's first hydroelectric generating station was built. The water fell 86 feet (26 m) and generated direct current electricity, which ran the machinery of local mills and lit up some of the village streets.


The Niagara River is part of the Great Lakes drainage systen which extends westward to the Manitoba Border in Canada and Northern Minnesota in the United States. Approximately 5664 M 3/Sec (200,000 cubic feet per second) of water enters the Niagara River from Lake Erie, of this amount, one half, 2832 M 3/Sec (100,000 CFS) is diverted for Electric power generation the remaining half, 2832 3/Sec (100,000 CFS) flows through this gorge.  The depth of the river here is estimated to be 10.7 M (35 Feet) and the water reaches a speed of 35.4 KM (22 MPH) during the rapid descent of the river here 15.8 M in less than 1.6 KM (52 Feet in less than a mile).

Check out the White Water Walk Page, it was well worth the $12 to go.  Elevator down and a nice boardwalk along the river.  It is sometime to see!! 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ode to the Earth

Globalfest Fireworks from the First Night

I finally had a chance to go through my firework photo from evening of Thursday, August 16.  This was the first evening of Globalfest Fireworks and the first country up was the Philippines which were 2011's people choice.  

"GlobalFest burst onto the scene in 2003 with 10 cultural pavilions and three countries presenting pyromusicals in Calgary's very own international fireworks festival. On the fourth and final night of the festival, GlobalFest celebrated a remarkable accomplishment. The festival reached attendance of close to 100,000 in the very first year, making GlobalFest one of Calgary's top draws for local citizens and tourists alike." GlobalFest Website

I look forward to shooting the Finale this evening and promise to post photos later on this week.  You can find more fireworks photos at the following link:  Fireworks ~ 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Night at the Falls

In the evenings, they turn on multi-colored spotlights that reflected on the falls and make them look very pretty!!

I really love the colors through the mist, makes it seem dream or fairy like.

The hill above Niagara Falls is filled with many fancy hotels that all have some great lighting and make for some really neat night shots.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens

Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens ~ I still love to photograph flowers!!!  Such beautiful subjects and they don't talk back, now how can you complain.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I am the King of the Castle!!

Interesting morning shooting at the Falls, this was the first character I came across!!  Does he not look like "This is my spot!!  Get Lost!!" LoL

There were 2 tourist who were just fascinated that they could walk right up and have your picture taken so close to this gull!!  Was rather cute actually!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Wow!! What a Sunrise ~ BeaverDam Road

Excellent Morning out shooting!!  There are some pretty natural areas around St. Catharines as well as water ways where you can catch some beautiful reflections at sunrise.

The skies and the reflections were just amazing.  

There was quite a bit of different options for images. And these weeds growing over the water made for a great silhouette.

The evening was spent at Niagara Falls, which have not been edited yet.  So I will share later on in the week. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

First Day at NSI

What a great day!!  Hung out with some great friends for most of the day and then went off to a couple of Powers, one in regards to Social Media and the to drool over light and strobes!!

I only took my camera out for a little bit today, I think I have a thing for rocks!! HaHa!!

Went to the first classes this evening, Don Johnston and Nature Photography.  Very interesting and creative fellow and I think this will be a very good week of learning and hands on!!  Quite a small classes of ten people of all ages, so I think there will be some great learning possibilities this year.

Check out Don's website there are some great images there.

This years images can be found at:  NSI 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Night at Brock!!

Made it out to St. Catherine's without any problems and have met up with everyone and had a really great evening!!!

Spent a little time shooting and enjoying the evening out with friends.  Did a few long exposure images and really like what I got.

This is the Pond Inlet on Brock Campus just after the spot lights come on. 

Will share more tomorrow!!  Really looking forward to this years NSI and so far its been a good start.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Words in a Picture!!

Simple blog this evening, not sure what you will all think of this but I like doing this sometimes to see what i can come up with.  Take a photo and see how many words you can come up with to describe the image.


How many more words can you come up with??

Monday, August 13, 2012

Wide Angle Upside Down!!

Went back to the Upside Down Church on Saturday Evening and took my wide angle lens with me this time just to see what I could create.  Rather like some of the shots that I got.

I even tried lying upside down on the ground just to see what I might be able to capture.

I didn't quite get the dramatic sky that I had picture in my mind but some of the clouds that came along weren't to bad.

It was a good evening for shooting and it made for a great outing.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dennis Oppenheim's Device to Root out Evil

Interesting structure located in Ramsey, named Device to Root out Evil.  

In sculpture, economy of gesture is often the mark of a successful work. In Device to Root out Evil, the simple inversion of a building (a church) is enough to radically alter the content of this object, and propel it into the pantheon reserved for high art. The steeple, usually piercing the sky in its lunge toward heaven, is now at ground level, pursuing with vigor, the demons of the deep.
The church becomes dynamic by cantilevering this meeting place into mid air, thus projecting all occupants into a spacial no mans land where equilibrium is exchanged for the dynamics of pursuit. ~ Dennis Oppenheim

It made for a very interesting photo subject this morning.  I couldn't quite decide how I wanted to shoot this structure, I do think a wide angle lens may have been useful.  So I will have to give that a try the next time I am down there.

Here are a few links regarding to the Upside down Church that I have been able to find:

  1. Glenbow Museum ~ Current Exhibitions
  2. Sight By Walk: Up Side Down Churches Around the World

Friday, August 3, 2012

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Friday was finally a cooler day here in Calgary which made for a great day to be out and about.  I decided that if I was out and about more than likely so were maybe of the birds were.  I had wanted to go down to the bird sanctuary for sometime and do a little exploring as well as just to get out with my camera.

Calgary has many species of birds and if you are a birder you would have great fun checking things out at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.  You would not only find birds but there are deer, muskrats, and other wildlife.

I am not a great birder but I do enjoy watching and guessing at what I might be looking at.  One of the first birds I came across was a hawk, unfortunately I am not sure what kind he might be.

I really love how I caught this image ... truly there was no set up I quickly click and was luck.  

It was also an excellent day for reflections!!

The more I wandered, the more I found.  As I was wandering through, I noticed several bumps on a log out in the middle of the lake.  And I thought to myself, how strange that there are a bunch of rocks on the logs and thought well who in the world waited out to the middle to do that.  Then I got close enough to see that "Ohhh...those aren't rock there baby ducks!!!", it much of been nap time for all of them.  Ohh, and if you are wonder, Yes, I am blonde!!!  I am aloud my moments, LoL :)

In honor of the Olympics:

Synchronized Diving!! :)

I did come across a deer who was also out for a wander. It looks like he is trying to hide behind the leaves.

Above is an Young Easter Kingbird and below is Young Sprague's Pipit.  


There were a bunch of Pipit's and they were rather funny to watch ... they were busy attacking the pine cones there laying all about.  Funny little creatures :)