Dennis Oppenheim's Device to Root out Evil

Interesting structure located in Ramsey, named Device to Root out Evil.  

In sculpture, economy of gesture is often the mark of a successful work. In Device to Root out Evil, the simple inversion of a building (a church) is enough to radically alter the content of this object, and propel it into the pantheon reserved for high art. The steeple, usually piercing the sky in its lunge toward heaven, is now at ground level, pursuing with vigor, the demons of the deep.
The church becomes dynamic by cantilevering this meeting place into mid air, thus projecting all occupants into a spacial no mans land where equilibrium is exchanged for the dynamics of pursuit. ~ Dennis Oppenheim

It made for a very interesting photo subject this morning.  I couldn't quite decide how I wanted to shoot this structure, I do think a wide angle lens may have been useful.  So I will have to give that a try the next time I am down there.

Here are a few links regarding to the Upside down Church that I have been able to find:

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