Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Friday was finally a cooler day here in Calgary which made for a great day to be out and about.  I decided that if I was out and about more than likely so were maybe of the birds were.  I had wanted to go down to the bird sanctuary for sometime and do a little exploring as well as just to get out with my camera.

Calgary has many species of birds and if you are a birder you would have great fun checking things out at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.  You would not only find birds but there are deer, muskrats, and other wildlife.

I am not a great birder but I do enjoy watching and guessing at what I might be looking at.  One of the first birds I came across was a hawk, unfortunately I am not sure what kind he might be.

I really love how I caught this image ... truly there was no set up I quickly click and was luck.  

It was also an excellent day for reflections!!

The more I wandered, the more I found.  As I was wandering through, I noticed several bumps on a log out in the middle of the lake.  And I thought to myself, how strange that there are a bunch of rocks on the logs and thought well who in the world waited out to the middle to do that.  Then I got close enough to see that "Ohhh...those aren't rock there baby ducks!!!", it much of been nap time for all of them.  Ohh, and if you are wonder, Yes, I am blonde!!!  I am aloud my moments, LoL :)

In honor of the Olympics:

Synchronized Diving!! :)

I did come across a deer who was also out for a wander. It looks like he is trying to hide behind the leaves.

Above is an Young Easter Kingbird and below is Young Sprague's Pipit.  


There were a bunch of Pipit's and they were rather funny to watch ... they were busy attacking the pine cones there laying all about.  Funny little creatures :)