BC Travels ~ 2012 ~ Dawson Creek

Well, made it to Dawson Creek, BC from Grande Prairie AB but it was an unschedule stop due to a flat!!! And due to it being a holiday, you can't get it fix until Tuesday morning, oh well, such is life.

Dawson Creek is a neat little/big town with a great little historical downtown. The old hotel on the outside has had a face lift and there are some really neat murals painting down the alley way.

And how lucky could I be with the old Royals Royce c.1950-60s. I took several images, and looking forward to working on them when I get home.

This is the alley way and at the end there is a mural of Ford repair shop and a mural cars on a road.


While waiting for AMA to come and change the tire, had sometime to play and see what I could create. Just sharing a few images while I am away but when I get home I will share the rest.

Tomorrow, hopefully, we will be on to Prince George ... looking forward to seeing PG, I have been that far north before.