Let's Check Out this Road!!

On the way to Grande Prairie, we did some of stopping and check out some of the side roads and provincials parks along the way.  Mostly we were looking for a good spot for picnic lunch and I was looking for good things to take photos of.

On one of these little side trips, we found a cemetery in among the birch trees and it was a very pretty and quiet spot.  The birch trees are what really got me!!

Also found one of those old steel cross bridges, usually only enough room for one vehicle.

And No, I didn't lay in the middle of the road but my camera did!!  Actually very very quiet road there was one one around. 

I did a little playing as well just to see what I could create.  I rather like this technique, I think it makes some rather dull objects like a little more interesting.

See if you can guess what this is??  If you can't I will post what it is in tomorrow's blog.