Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens ~ Lethbridge

Beautiful place to visit and to take a walk through, so a great place for some awesome photos.


PAGODA ~ The five tiers of the pagoda represent earth, water, fire, wind and sky. Water is the heart of a garden and connotes purity in Japanese culture. Stones at the base of the bridges give a strength and endurance. A stone with lichens in its natural state has an ancient, spiritual quality. Rocks sit in the ground, not on the ground, giving the appearance that they have been there from time immemorial. Plants were chosen, and are cared for, to grace the rocks and artifacts with subtle color and texture.

Check out more about the gardens:

PAVILION ~ Remove and carry your shoes as you step into this pavilion constructed of yellow aromatic cypress and cedar using 17th Century architecture and no nails. Open the shoji (sliding doors) on your right to view the dry garden.

Spent about 1.5hr wandering through the garden and taking several photos, which I will post once I get home. There were some great views of Henderson Lake at this location as well.