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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Just want to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween!!  Dress warm, not suppose to be very nice out tomorrow night.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Funny Character at My Window!!

I just had to share to silly little fellow hanging out at the birdfeeder earlier today!!  I think some days they spend more time looking in the window then they do eating.

Such silly little things, but so entertaining, between staring in the window, fighting over seeds or being ever so picky!!!  hahaha

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Little Portraiture

Took another great course through Learn Photography Canada, today!!  Mackenzie Walker was the instructor today, great tips and advice.  Social Skills!!!  I will work on those!!  Also a great refresher on how to manipulate the light ... that wonder light with a total mind of its own and you can't bribe it with chocolate or coffee, go figure!! LoL

I am so looking forward to practising all the new information and put it to good use.

Just a few shots from today's course, want to Thank everyone for modelling.  There was some every beautiful people at this course.  Unfortunately, I am terrible with names so I won't post the names. LoL

I love going into these courses; and a new great tip I learned ... talk to your subjects.  You can get some really great smiles :)

No flash on this one!!  All window light with a big reflector ... I knew I bought a reflector for a reason!!  Must practise now!!

Using a really rather tiny window light with some reflector use as well, can't quite remember.  This lady, very pretty, very tall, quite jealous actually Ha Ha!!  But have only been in Canada for about a year, met her Canadian Husband while he was on holiday in Romania.  Love at First Sight, He said!!

Ahh, the Hubby!!  He so wants a Harley!!  He was a great face and very sweet guy!!  All nature light, caught the sun just coming out.

She called herself 4 foot nothing, I don't think so.  Nice bubbly girl and has been in the Modelling business for quite a while.  Very very business mind.   As you can see, lots of window light and a bit a reflector as well.

All I can say, it wa a very good morning and very good information shared.
Thank you again.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brave the First Real Blast of Winter!!

Well, I did it!  I braved the first winter blast to do a little photography.  It wasn't so bad but it wasn't so warm either.  However, I found a spot that was really rather nice to create some pretty "white" photos.

I love shooting down in Inglewood with some of the trees still having their leaves makes for some very pretty images.

I attempted a little HDR today as well.

It may have been a little cold but it was a good trip out, needed another layer of clothes but I survived and looking forward to trying this again in another spot.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Well, I had a truly wonderful shoot on Wednesday with a co-worker and a good friend!!  What a trooper because it was not very warm on Wednesday to be outside in light clothing.  Monica and I discussed photographing her a while ago but things come up and we had to wait but I am glad we did.  What she picked to wear and the fall colors, just bought out the beauty of her.

I have been so looking forward to photographing Monica, she is a very pretty person and so enjoy her company.  I am very much looking forward to photographing her again, she already has some good ideas for the next time!!

Thank you so Much!!  It was a great experience and Thank you for the Opportunity!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Couple of Interesting Exciting Things Happening!!

There are several things going on in my World over the next couple of months, Exciting and Scary and Fun and and and!!  And I am looking forward to all of them!!

This past weekend, I organized a Photowalk for 5 girls!! It was great fun and I really think they all had fun as well and I hope them learned a little along the way.  My Images can be found on my Smugmug page and a few photos from the group can be found at Calgary Photowalk Flickr Site.  I will be running another Calgary Photowalk on Saturday, November 24.  If the weather is really good, we will be outside for some of it and with it being Calgary, if the weather is being uncooperative, we will head into the Devonian Gardens.  Information will be post soon.

This year I am going to venture out and try a few craft sales just to see what I might be able to accomplish!!  I am going to be at 4 craft sale for the Fall and Christmas season.  I always start this just a bit to late so next year I hope to plan ahead just a bit better!!  But this year, will be a good test run to see how things go.  My first sale will be October 23 at SAIT.  I think it should be quite a busy place.  Dates, Times and Locations.

This year Amanda Yakem and I have decided to produce a calendar together as well as each of us make one of our own Photography Artwork.  And fairly soon, I hope, that you will be able to purchase these calendars online.  I am currently waiting for the first round of prints and samples to be deliver so I will be able to give proper shipping information.  Calendars will also be sold at each of the fairs and markets that Amanda and I will be attending.  Calendar Images and Information.

Something else I am working on are Greeting Cards for my sales.  I will have 5x7, 4x6 and 3x5 cards available for sell.  I have be posting a card catalog soon.

Well, as you can see I am not bored but really don't have enough hours in the day!!  I am truly luck to be able to do what I am doing and look forward to each challenge.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Photowalk and Zombie Fun!!

My Calgary Photowalk was a great success I do believe and we all had great fun.  I have set up a gallery for my photowalks and I think I will try to have one more before winter really sets in for the year.

To end our great walk was a little Zombie Fun!!  Now how could your resist photographing zombies!!!

It was great there was some really great costumes and just loads of characters out on Saturday.  To end our walk we went down to the Bow Building to do a little shooting as well.  

I still have a few more images to go through and edit up but you can find my photos at the my smugmug gallery: Calgary Photowalk_Oct2012

Will post information regarding the next Calgary Photowalk, within the next week.  It will, of course, depend on the weather!!  This is Calgary :o)  

Saturday, October 13, 2012

First Calgary Photowalk ~ October 13

The first Calgary Photowalk, that I organized was a great success!!  5 girls out with cameras was such a hoot!!  I really want to Thank all 5 of you for coming and heres hoping that the next one will be successful as well!!

If you want a way to see the city in a different light, head out with 5 girls and 5 cameras and see what you can create.  It is exciting to see how we all view the world in a different way and it is truly fun to share it with others.

We started out at City Hall and made our way around Olympic Plaza and on up Stephen Ave and ended our walk at the Bow Building.

Because many of the flowers are now done, the city has put out some Thanksgiving/Harvest floral arrangements in many of pots around downtown. Really rather pretty I think.

City Hall through the remaining Leaves.

Looking for Reflections.

Hmmm...where is my coffee!?

Summer has ended!! And so have the flowers.

Got a Light??

Out for a walk??  His name was Duncan, however, they also called him the Floor Duster!!  He was cute and so friendly :)

More to come tomorrow!!  We also shot the Zombie walk this afternoon as well!!  What a Hoot that was too!!  Some very creative folks here in Calgary.

Album for this walk will be posted as well with the next blog post!!  Stay Tuned!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Edmonton & Calgary Calendar 2013

Amanda Yakem & I are designing wall calendars to sell!! Rather excited about this little adventure :) Calendars are available from either of us or at any of the fairs we are at.

Calendar are 1 for $20 or 2 for $35.

Monday, October 8, 2012

September 29 ~ Harvest Moon

A couple of weekend, went out to shoot the harvest moon at Mossleigh, Alberta.  Well, about 10 minutes to short for the great big harvest moon but still was about to get a few good shoots off.  With the skies being very dramatic and with the grain elevators made for a great couple of images.

You can just barely see the moon peeking through the bottom of the clouds, it only made one appearance and then it disappeared for good that evening.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Northern Lights ~ Calgary AB

Ok, so had a really cool evening out shooting and to end the adventure was the Northern Lights!!  These shots were taken during a night photography course through Learn Photography Alberta/Canada. It was a great way to end the course and extremely thrilled with what I got.

All photos were taken at Prince's Island Park, Sunday Sept 30 between 10:30pm and 11pm.

Excellent evening to be out and shooting .. they moon was awesome, the lights were great and the downtown core sure lights up wonderfully.  And to top it all off the Northern Lights!!