A Little Portraiture

Took another great course through Learn Photography Canada, today!!  Mackenzie Walker was the instructor today, great tips and advice.  Social Skills!!!  I will work on those!!  Also a great refresher on how to manipulate the light ... that wonder light with a total mind of its own and you can't bribe it with chocolate or coffee, go figure!! LoL

I am so looking forward to practising all the new information and put it to good use.

Just a few shots from today's course, want to Thank everyone for modelling.  There was some every beautiful people at this course.  Unfortunately, I am terrible with names so I won't post the names. LoL

I love going into these courses; and a new great tip I learned ... talk to your subjects.  You can get some really great smiles :)

No flash on this one!!  All window light with a big reflector ... I knew I bought a reflector for a reason!!  Must practise now!!

Using a really rather tiny window light with some reflector use as well, can't quite remember.  This lady, very pretty, very tall, quite jealous actually Ha Ha!!  But have only been in Canada for about a year, met her Canadian Husband while he was on holiday in Romania.  Love at First Sight, He said!!

Ahh, the Hubby!!  He so wants a Harley!!  He was a great face and very sweet guy!!  All nature light, caught the sun just coming out.

She called herself 4 foot nothing, I don't think so.  Nice bubbly girl and has been in the Modelling business for quite a while.  Very very business mind.   As you can see, lots of window light and a bit a reflector as well.

All I can say, it wa a very good morning and very good information shared.
Thank you again.