Couple of Interesting Exciting Things Happening!!

There are several things going on in my World over the next couple of months, Exciting and Scary and Fun and and and!!  And I am looking forward to all of them!!

This past weekend, I organized a Photowalk for 5 girls!! It was great fun and I really think they all had fun as well and I hope them learned a little along the way.  My Images can be found on my Smugmug page and a few photos from the group can be found at Calgary Photowalk Flickr Site.  I will be running another Calgary Photowalk on Saturday, November 24.  If the weather is really good, we will be outside for some of it and with it being Calgary, if the weather is being uncooperative, we will head into the Devonian Gardens.  Information will be post soon.

This year I am going to venture out and try a few craft sales just to see what I might be able to accomplish!!  I am going to be at 4 craft sale for the Fall and Christmas season.  I always start this just a bit to late so next year I hope to plan ahead just a bit better!!  But this year, will be a good test run to see how things go.  My first sale will be October 23 at SAIT.  I think it should be quite a busy place.  Dates, Times and Locations.

This year Amanda Yakem and I have decided to produce a calendar together as well as each of us make one of our own Photography Artwork.  And fairly soon, I hope, that you will be able to purchase these calendars online.  I am currently waiting for the first round of prints and samples to be deliver so I will be able to give proper shipping information.  Calendars will also be sold at each of the fairs and markets that Amanda and I will be attending.  Calendar Images and Information.

Something else I am working on are Greeting Cards for my sales.  I will have 5x7, 4x6 and 3x5 cards available for sell.  I have be posting a card catalog soon.

Well, as you can see I am not bored but really don't have enough hours in the day!!  I am truly luck to be able to do what I am doing and look forward to each challenge.