First Calgary Photowalk ~ October 13

The first Calgary Photowalk, that I organized was a great success!!  5 girls out with cameras was such a hoot!!  I really want to Thank all 5 of you for coming and heres hoping that the next one will be successful as well!!

If you want a way to see the city in a different light, head out with 5 girls and 5 cameras and see what you can create.  It is exciting to see how we all view the world in a different way and it is truly fun to share it with others.

We started out at City Hall and made our way around Olympic Plaza and on up Stephen Ave and ended our walk at the Bow Building.

Because many of the flowers are now done, the city has put out some Thanksgiving/Harvest floral arrangements in many of pots around downtown. Really rather pretty I think.

City Hall through the remaining Leaves.

Looking for Reflections.

Hmmm...where is my coffee!?

Summer has ended!! And so have the flowers.

Got a Light??

Out for a walk??  His name was Duncan, however, they also called him the Floor Duster!!  He was cute and so friendly :)

More to come tomorrow!!  We also shot the Zombie walk this afternoon as well!!  What a Hoot that was too!!  Some very creative folks here in Calgary.

Album for this walk will be posted as well with the next blog post!!  Stay Tuned!!!