Busy Week!!

Well, I am going to do a 3 in 1 blog this morning to try and catch you all up!! Might be easier said than done but here it goes :)

I was lucky enough to meet up and have coffee with a new friend, Lynn, also a fellow photographer here in Calgary.  We were trying to get our schedules figured out to do a little night photography and I think we were some what successful.  Looking forward to our outing this evening to shoot DT Calgary lights!! But after our coffee, we decided to go for a bit of a walk through Inglewood, such a great place to photograph.  I did try to convince Lynn to go in to my favorite camera, Robinsons Cameras on 9th Ave ... No such luck.  Which is probably a good thing!! LoL

Calgary received another blast of winter weather this passed week!!  Snow, blowing snow, cold and more cold and by the time it was all said and down, we ended up with about 15-20cm of snow!!  I have now decided that cutting grass is definitely more applying than shoveling snow.  So someone remember me of that next summer when I am complaining about cutting the grass, haha

But I can say that snow can really make for some very pretty photos.

This past weekend, I was at another Craft/Artisan Sale at Fort Calgary which I was quite pleased with.  I am happy I have started this little adventure, have been thinking about it for a few years but never had the courage to do so.  But now I am very happy I decided to take the jump and go for it, never know where things may lead.  I was successful again this time and looking forward the next sale at Beddington Coop on Friday, November 23 from 2-6pm

The old Fort Calgary building makes for a very interesting background for this fair and I look forward to going her again next year.

Well, that is my couple of weeks in a nut shell, life has been busy but I have been enjoying every minute.