DTCalgary Photowalk ~ November 24

Another great and successful Photowalk on Saturday November 24!!  I had a totally of 11 people which so made the walk to be great fun!!!  Almost all of the walkers were from the Calgary Camera Club which is cool I think.  So now I need to get some other ideas for places to do photowalks, so if you have any suggestions let me know and I will see what I can come up with.

We had actually pretty good weather, it was cool but not to any great extreme which is good.  I look forward to heading out again with all of these folks, we had several different levels of experience but I think we all learned from one another.

Didn't there was any of these left!!

Great shadows and patterns to be found at Olympic Plaza.

Went down a new street and found a great back alley!!

Old and New!! 

Cool display in ScotiaCentre, after lunch!!

Lucky Man ... Millions Bucks is nothing to sneeze at!!

What a Character, this guy was!!

Twigs, never fails to have a great display out front of their store.

Awesome reflections!!

Double Bow Buildings

Chinese Culture Centre