Making Christmas Cards ~ Nov 21

I have been working on some ideas for Christmas Cards, wanted a bit of a personal touch for the cards I am going to give out this year.  Usually I want until the last possible second to do so and they never make it but this year I started early.

I have enjoyed making this cards and I hope the people I give them to will like them as well.



My mother is also wanting a few cards made as well, she had this idea last year but as always either of us were fast enough, LoL :)


It is a very simple set up in my living room to shoot this photos.  To shoot with the white background, I picked up some snow and put a few sprinkles to add a little twinkle to the snow.


I didnt shoot a set up shot for the black background but it was against the same cough with a small light tree to shoot against to give the image a bit of a glow.

Some of these images I am also selling:  Will be adding more in the next few days.