Tuesday's Night Shoot

Last Tuesday, I went out to do a little night photography with a few girls from the Calgary Camera Club and I was really happy with the results of the little adventure.  I don't seem to do alot of night photography but when I do and always love what I get.  We all decided to head up to Crescent Heights Hill to shoot the DownTown Core which light up beautifully for us!!

Made it down just before sunset but not quite early enough to catch all of the pretty colors of sunset.  So next need to be there just a little bit before hand.

I decided to dig out my wide angle lens, haven't played with it much lately and with the curves of the river and the road below and I thought it would be a great opportunity to use it!!

Also decided to try a couple of HDR, still need to do some learning on how to process these images ... I think they could be quite fun, I really like the concept, its getting the concept into reality!!

The blue skies of the day slowly crept into the deep dark blue skies of evening, all the lights of the downtown came on and the downtown core started to glow.

Soon all the Lights of Downtown bright and showing their beauty!!

And so were the lights along the river!!

The Peace Bridge was all a glow that evening as well, and with the reflections, how could you miss such a beautiful evening.