Welcome Welcome, Little Stranger.
Come, Seat & Read Awhile!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A New Visitor?!

Mom and I are always watching for new little birdies and today we spotted one. I think he is really rather pretty thing, very flirty and busy little bird.

With a little help, we have decided that the little birdie is a Common Redpoll.

He is a tiny little bird and very very busy.  He was digging up wall the seeds he could find and busy popping about.  It is very cold here in Calgary this morning so I am sure all the busy-ness is keeping him.

It totally looks like he is giving me the devil eye in the photo.  I had a tough time getting a good shot.  It was through the window, I know I should have opened the window but it was just to cold!!

The sun was just starting to peek through and turned things pink was I thought was rather neat.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Last Sale Thoughts?!

Well, my last sale of the season is tomorrow at SAIT in their McDonald Hall from 9-3pm.  Sad that they are all done but happy that they are all done. :)
Its been a good first try and looking forward to next year, now that I have some experience and have a little better idea of how things work.  Hope to try a couple of the farmers markets this coming year and get a feel for them as well.
Looking forward to expanding my online sales.
Must run for tonight, will be a busy tomorrow :)
Good Night all :)

Table at Beddington Coop Sale ~ all table fees went to "An Adopt a Family" that the Coop employees are involved in, which I thought was an awesome way to be part of the community.

Monday, December 3, 2012


Have an excellent night out with a bunch of great photographers from the Calgary Camera Club, last Wednesday.

It was a chilly night to be out but as long as you dressed warm and kept going, it wasn't to bad at all.  Part way through the evening, it started to snow ever so lightly and it was so pretty!!  I know I have been bashing the snow, the last little while but this was so nice!!

The Zoolights are really a great experience!! This was my first time down but I think I will try and make it a new tradition for myself.  The Zoo goes all out to decorate and I think they did a great job!!

Across the Bridge

Monkeys, Tigers, and Penguins, Oh My!!!

Beginning of Candy Cane Lane.

An Opps, but I rather like it!!

Trying a few different things, but I like the bead look to it.

Can you find the turtle!!??