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Sunday, January 27, 2013

How Sad is This!!

Ok, so a little bit bored this evening but so wanted to play with my camera and flashes, too see what I can come up with!!

My first shot, totally made him look Eeevvil!!!  Lol  So had to rearrange the flash just a bit to see make him look a little happier!! haha :)

And then I thought well, what is a set of teeth and eye balls without a flower!!!

Its interesting to see what one can do with very little and get something that is rather interesting.  In the course I am taking I have been working on grayscale and understanding the Zone system.  Well, the more I thinking in gray tones the more I see.  The background for the teeth & eyeballs, I am pretty sure is fairly close to 18% gray ... and all it is, is a gray fleece blanket ... will be using it more often I think!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frosty Morning in Calgary

I was determined to go out today and do a little photography and it was little!!  It was cold here in Calgary today and even with 3 layers of clothing on it was still rather cold.  Now, Granted it was nothing like some of the other parts of Canada but it was still cold!!

I made as far was Inglewood today, partly because I wanted to go to the used book store to see what I could!!  Love going to Fair's Fair Bookstore!! I can always find something good there and I did.

The HDR Book by RC Concepcion, one of the Photoshop Guys!!  I have been into Fair's Fair before and have found a couple of photography books written by Freeman Patterson which made my day and have filled up my bookshelf in a quick hurry.

Well, the bookstore was my warm up spot after going and shooting in around the Deane House on 9Ave.  I was beautiful and I was quite happy with what I did get, I just wish it would have been a bit warmer.  However, probably wouldn't have gotten the images that I did.

I love to shot these gardens at all times of the year.  They do such a nice job of keeping things neat and tidy and well groomed.

Out behind the gardens, you can start up the river walk path.  I didn't go far but a little ways to get a few interesting images of the river and the frost covered trees there.

The Calgary skyline was covered in snow and fog today but I did get one shot that I thought wasn't to bad at all.

Then I started off home where it was warm!!  But I did enjoy my very short outing.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back to School, I go!!

About 2 weeks again, I started taking an Online Photography Course through Photography Institute based out of California.  It was supposed to me at one of the CCC meeting back in late November or early December and had been in the works since then.  Then in the early part of January, an email was sent out some members who were interest, that we could get a bit of a discount and I jumped at the chance!!

So far, I have made it through the first 2 modules with flying colors!!  And have quite enjoyed, the new information as well as the refresher. I am looking forward to getting further into the course and learning more of the business side of things as well as getting out there and practicing everything!

My last assignment was to find something around the house and visualize and image!?  Well, if that wasn't a thinker in its self.  I am one of those people who needs to learn to slow down and learn things through ... well, this was one of those kinds of assignments ... really hard thing to do sometimes!!  But my end result I was quite happy with.

My tutor for this course is David Goldman, out of New York ... other place on my bucket list (man, is it getting long!!)

Website:  http://www.davidgoldmanphoto.com/

Very much looking forward to the rest of this little adventure into learning and will share my images and progression as time goes on.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bi-Weekly CCC Photo Challenge

Yesterday, on the way home from work, I was watching to light play on the trees and snow and thought how pretty it was.

So, I ran into the house and grabbed my camera quickly before the sun and all the pretty light disappeared which was only about 5 minutes at the most!!

Here are 2 of just a few shots I shoot, Friday afternoon.

The shadows are really interesting at this time of year.  And the sun and new fresh snow makes everything so pretty.

I love how the sun is just kissing the snow on the trees.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Road Trip!!

Had a great day out with two other photographers today, looking for owls and old buildings ... good combination huh!! :)

Only saw 2 owls, both were Snowy Owls ... had no idea how pretty they were.  However, didn`t get the greatest of shots of the Snowy Owls, but did get a great shot of of a male Merlin busily eat his breakfast.

That was a sparrow, we think!! 

Snowy Owl ... he was very very far away but I was so thrilled to see one in the wild that I took a few shots anyway.  

And not far up the road was a great set of old buildings!!

I love this shot for the simple sake that the moon had not yet set.  I will be posting more images over the weekend from this trip, just need to go through them first.  But so want to share these first two.

Thank you Laurie so much for Driving & Thank you Lynn for Coming along.  It was a great day out!!!  Looking forward to doing it again someday soon :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

Last weekend, I went out with a bunch of great photographers from the Calgary Camera Club to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, not far from Cochrane, Alberta.  What a beautiful spot to go and shoot!!  And if you need a good walk this is the place.

We met at Glenbow Ranch about 10am and head off to see what we could see!!  The day started out with quite a cold wind blowing off the foothills of Alberta however once we got down into the valley it wasn't to cold.

The sun hitting the tops of the trees was really rather a cool shot!!  It is an interesting adventure to go out with other photographers, to see and watch what they do.  I kinda trailed along behind some of the time, just to watch were the others went, what they looked at and which way they pointed their cameras.  I think I may need to learn to look more; up & down and in front & behind me, much more often than I do.

We went on a bit of an of trail walk, but still on a trail, through some really neat patch of trees in to the valley.    The light here was very low and very blue in spots, giving a blue cast to much of the area.

And in other spots where the sun was hitting the hill behind all the trees, made the image warm and welcoming.  The following couple of shots are my favorite just because of the orange of the hills.

To end the day, we came across the old Glenbow General Store.  Glenbow use to be a town, many moons ago and now there is just some ruins and the old store left.

As well, as a couple of furry friends came out to say Hello!!