Back to School, I go!!

About 2 weeks again, I started taking an Online Photography Course through Photography Institute based out of California.  It was supposed to me at one of the CCC meeting back in late November or early December and had been in the works since then.  Then in the early part of January, an email was sent out some members who were interest, that we could get a bit of a discount and I jumped at the chance!!

So far, I have made it through the first 2 modules with flying colors!!  And have quite enjoyed, the new information as well as the refresher. I am looking forward to getting further into the course and learning more of the business side of things as well as getting out there and practicing everything!

My last assignment was to find something around the house and visualize and image!?  Well, if that wasn't a thinker in its self.  I am one of those people who needs to learn to slow down and learn things through ... well, this was one of those kinds of assignments ... really hard thing to do sometimes!!  But my end result I was quite happy with.

My tutor for this course is David Goldman, out of New York ... other place on my bucket list (man, is it getting long!!)


Very much looking forward to the rest of this little adventure into learning and will share my images and progression as time goes on.