Frosty Morning in Calgary

I was determined to go out today and do a little photography and it was little!!  It was cold here in Calgary today and even with 3 layers of clothing on it was still rather cold.  Now, Granted it was nothing like some of the other parts of Canada but it was still cold!!

I made as far was Inglewood today, partly because I wanted to go to the used book store to see what I could!!  Love going to Fair's Fair Bookstore!! I can always find something good there and I did.

The HDR Book by RC Concepcion, one of the Photoshop Guys!!  I have been into Fair's Fair before and have found a couple of photography books written by Freeman Patterson which made my day and have filled up my bookshelf in a quick hurry.

Well, the bookstore was my warm up spot after going and shooting in around the Deane House on 9Ave.  I was beautiful and I was quite happy with what I did get, I just wish it would have been a bit warmer.  However, probably wouldn't have gotten the images that I did.

I love to shot these gardens at all times of the year.  They do such a nice job of keeping things neat and tidy and well groomed.

Out behind the gardens, you can start up the river walk path.  I didn't go far but a little ways to get a few interesting images of the river and the frost covered trees there.

The Calgary skyline was covered in snow and fog today but I did get one shot that I thought wasn't to bad at all.

Then I started off home where it was warm!!  But I did enjoy my very short outing.