Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

Last weekend, I went out with a bunch of great photographers from the Calgary Camera Club to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, not far from Cochrane, Alberta.  What a beautiful spot to go and shoot!!  And if you need a good walk this is the place.

We met at Glenbow Ranch about 10am and head off to see what we could see!!  The day started out with quite a cold wind blowing off the foothills of Alberta however once we got down into the valley it wasn't to cold.

The sun hitting the tops of the trees was really rather a cool shot!!  It is an interesting adventure to go out with other photographers, to see and watch what they do.  I kinda trailed along behind some of the time, just to watch were the others went, what they looked at and which way they pointed their cameras.  I think I may need to learn to look more; up & down and in front & behind me, much more often than I do.

We went on a bit of an of trail walk, but still on a trail, through some really neat patch of trees in to the valley.    The light here was very low and very blue in spots, giving a blue cast to much of the area.

And in other spots where the sun was hitting the hill behind all the trees, made the image warm and welcoming.  The following couple of shots are my favorite just because of the orange of the hills.

To end the day, we came across the old Glenbow General Store.  Glenbow use to be a town, many moons ago and now there is just some ruins and the old store left.

As well, as a couple of furry friends came out to say Hello!!