How Sad is This!!

Ok, so a little bit bored this evening but so wanted to play with my camera and flashes, too see what I can come up with!!

My first shot, totally made him look Eeevvil!!!  Lol  So had to rearrange the flash just a bit to see make him look a little happier!! haha :)

And then I thought well, what is a set of teeth and eye balls without a flower!!!

Its interesting to see what one can do with very little and get something that is rather interesting.  In the course I am taking I have been working on grayscale and understanding the Zone system.  Well, the more I thinking in gray tones the more I see.  The background for the teeth & eyeballs, I am pretty sure is fairly close to 18% gray ... and all it is, is a gray fleece blanket ... will be using it more often I think!!